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Posted by Juan Fernández-Elipe on

Geolocators on Snipes

Studying the wintering ecology and migratory behaviour of the Jack Snipe (Lymnocryptes minimus) and Common Snipe (Gallinago gallinago) in southeastern Spain Since winter 2008-2009 we are catching and ringing both species of Snipes aided by mist-nets in southeast Spain (Murcia), from October to February. The study area is located in the mouth of a small creek to the Mar Menor (a small salty lagoon [...]

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Posted by Paula Machin on

Cold spell-induced winter movements in Golden Plovers

We have recently published the paper “Individual migration patterns of Eurasian golden plovers Pluvialis apricaria breeding in Swedish Lapland; examples of cold spell-induced winter movements”. You can find the complete article in Journal of Avian Biology, year 2015, Volume 46, Issue 6, Pages 634-642. In the breeding season of 2011 we placed geolocators on golden plovers in our study area located [...]

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Posted by Paula Machin on

First results of our CES ringing site

First results of the bird monitoring programme in winter in our constant effort ringing site in Candeleda (Ávila) Last winter 2014 – 2015 we opened a new CES ringing site in Candeleda. This station is part of the network of integrated ringing sites in coordinated ringing programs by SEO/BirdLife (www.seo.org). The aim of this station is to get knowledge on the bird community around Candeleda [...]

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