We are local guides based in Candeleda, Valle del Tiétar, at the southern slope of Sierra de Gredos, nearby Extremadura. A superb area for birding !
We are also ecologists with experience in developing research and conservation projects. Our deep knowledge of avian biology guarantees an absolute respect and well-being of the birds that we observe during our birding adventures, which are always experiences full of ecological content.

Juan Fernández-Elipe

JuanAlways interested in nature, I studied a four year degree in Environmental Sciences in Madrid when I started to collaborate in research studies doing field work. I am very interested in everything concerning ecology and evolution, having a special interest in avian breeding ecology.

Since 2007 I work as a field biologist in environmental impact assessment studies, in which I mostly focus on the reproductive performance of farmland birds. I spend part of the year travelling around the world in search of birds, performing research on bird migration and breeding ecology.

In 2013 I obtained a Master degree in Animal Ecology from Lund University (Sweden). For my Master´s final proyect I looked into habitat selection and survival of Golden Plover (Pluvialis apricaria) chicks.

Currently I live in Candeleda (Ávila) where I spend most of the time birding and working on research manuscripts.

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Paula Machín

paula_autoraIn 2007, at the fourth year of my bachelor in Environmental Science in Madrid I studied an Erasmus scholarship in Lund University, Sweden. There I met good ornithologists as Thomas Alerstam, Dennis Hasselquist, Åke Lindström and Martin Green, among others, which motivate me to get further into the avian world. There I worked in the Natural Reserve of Kvismaren with the Great Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) project, which has been running for more than 20 years, and performed some other small research projects on birds.

I enjoyed so much my education in Sweden, that I spent another year studying a Master degree in Animal ecology. For my Master thesis I went to Lapland to study the reproductive ecology of boreal waders. I fell deeply in love with it so I decided to continue the project for 5 more years, becoming now my PhD in the University of Groningen. The project cover many aspects of the ecology of waders such as predation and reproductive success, migration, chick growth, habitat selection, food availability, sex role and more.

Currently I partly work for an environmental consulting company, for which I coordinate fieldwork in studies focused on reproductive success, abundance and behaviour of farmland birds.

I enjoy travelling around the world to observe birds and I am in love with Spain and its birds.

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